Hi. Welcome. Just finished 5 songs for a NYFA student film that will be ready in June. That's cool, right? Gearing up for another concert of Bringing Fire (Prometheus of Wall Street) at an exciting venue (TBA) in the Fall. You can hear mp3s and see you tube clips of the last concert and original demo recording under the Bringing Fire tab. Also coming soon: first reading of D. Copperfield, a musical adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel David Copperfield set in NYC, present day, for 5 actors playing 14 roles. Videos and mp3s under D. Copperfield tab (duh). I will be singing and dancing in a concert at Lincoln Center Performing Arts Library 6 pm April 24. The theme is dancing on Broadway. You can contact me at carldanielsen (at) mac (dot) com. 

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